With one magic word...

Sometimes I have more art than I can post. I finally scanned this Mary Marvel piece from MegaCon. I did this as a warm up at the show. I didn't have a sketch list yet so I pulled out a piece of paper and sketched this out. I will probably ink it and take it to another show.

Mary is a favorite of mine. Well, Mary from a couple of decades ago. Bob Oskner was drawing some of her backups in SHAZAM when I was younger. His artwork was both cute and sexy in a way that wasn't seen in comics back then. According to things I have read about him, it seems he didn't really like super-hero work. Preferring to draw humor comics. Mary Marvel wasn't just straight super-hero, there was a lot of humor so maybe he enjoyed it a bit. I have an almost complete run of Mary's original series from the forties.  I have her first appearance in CAPTAIN MARVEL #18 and a few issues of WOW COMICS featuring Mary. Fun reads. I did have MARY MARVEL #1 with a double cover at one time but I sold that to Diamond Comics' Steve Geppi a few years back. But not without scanning the comic for reading. :)

My sketch was done in pencil on 11" x 17" bristol board.