Bahama Concept Art 2

Here's another piece from the development in the Bahamas. I am doing the concept art for this property. As of right now, the streets have been cleared and I think some of the property pads are done. This piece illustrates an intersection in the development and some of the features that will be, well, uh, featured. None of this is there now and I have nothing be the idea of it to work with. That said, here is the process. The top was the first rough I did and the second piece is the color comp for it. Unfortunately, it showed too many amenities. The pool, tennis courts and the club house are not there and may be the last to be done. Nothing is final about it. So we went into a different direction and I did two other roughs and color comps. Each one not showing any  structures, just the roundabout in the center of the intersection and some grass. Not to exciting. So we went back to the initial design, made a few changes and the bottom one is the result. The biggest change was the clubhouse across the street is a single story building now. The roughs were done in pencil with Photoshop colors. The final at the bottom was done using a Micron ink pen and Photoshop colors with a scan of watercolor paper behind it all for texture.