Here comes the judge

The title for this post is a reference to an old song by Shorty Long in 1968. Thats a long time ago. Almost as long is me not being called for jury duty. For the 27 years of my adult life I have never had a summons. Until a couple of weeks ago. No excuse was good enough for them so today I went through the long process of sitting around waiting with dozens of strangers in a form of reverse lotto, waiting to be called. Reverse because you don't want your number to come up. After being called on the first round and sitting through the 2.5 hour process of being asked if I could be fair and impartial in a second degree attempted murder trial, I was not picked. Whew! Back to the big room and the strangers for more waiting. Other groups came and went but not me. Finally released and got home in time to get ready to watch my daughter play viola in a school Orchestra concert. So not productive today. So just a sketch. Back to work tomorrow. Oh, and Dakota was incredible in the concert. Made the rest of the day fade away. :)