Process: Dreadbaby - 1a. Value Rendering

On the left is yesterdays image, on the right is todays finished piece. I put them next to each other for comparison. What I have done since the first image is finish rendering all the lights and the darks and various planes of her face and body. This was done using a few different methods. One is using the side of the pencil lead with light strokes to build up the dark areas. Light areas are the white of the paper and graphite being smudged a bit to get a soft look. I never want to push too hard on the pencils because I don't want to create grooves in the board and if I try to build up the dark areas too quickly I can crush the tooth (texture) of the board/paper and that dark area has a shiny finish to it. If there were areas that have absolute black, I would do that with paint. The next step will be doing a couple of digital color comps to try some color schemes. To be continued.