Witchy and blushing friend

Here is the finished line art for another Halloween image. When colored, the pumpkin will have blushing cheeks. Just a wee bit embarrassed, he is. This was done in ink on 11" x 17" Cason Bristol Board.

In other news, I have looked at my schedule for the month of September and I believe I will be doing more Conventionless, Convention Sketches. I will know for sure on Monday afternoon. This time I will take on the same amount of 20 (or less if no one is interested) but they will be completed over the month of September. I will offer them here first, and if I don't hit 20, I will put up an auction on eBay for the balance. More info tomorrow. But if anyone would like to chime in early and post if they will be interested, (don't send money) that would be cool. Thanks!