There are no bras in space!

In the title of the post today, I'm paraphrasing something that Carrie Fisher has said she was told by Lucas. But for our purposes here at the blog, there is a space bra. Yes, digitally added. Thanks to Jon for today's Conventionless Convention Sketch. As I told him, if I get asked to draw Leia, it's always the metal bikini, so this was a change that I really enjoyed. Thanks again Jon!

The slave Leia obsession is something I find interesting. Seems you had to be a certain age when you saw her for it to have the impact. When Return of the Jedi came out, I think I was just past that age. While I remember her in the outfit, that's really it. I have friends a few years younger than me that remember that part of the movie very fondly. ;) I also find it interesting that Leia seems to have become the "real" person. I have never heard anyone say "Remember when Carrie Fisher wore that metal bikini?" or "Carrie Fisher looked hot in the slave outfit". It's always about "Leia". I wonder how many other characters have made that leap in pop culture?

A couple of other tidbits this piece made me think about: I remember seeing the original title "Revenge of the Jedi" on posters around the San Fernando Valley. They were teasers and this was before the title was changed for a more positive tone. Also, it was around 1983 that I worked for a liquor store that was part of a chain of 43 stores in the L.A. area. My store was in Toluca Lake and our house accounts included Universal Studios, The Burbank Studios (as Warner was known back then) NBC, CBS, Bob Hope, and a wide variety of stars, both young and old. I met a lot of stars while I worked there. It was at the store that I met Debbie Reynolds (Leia's mom, er, Carrie's mom). I helped her plan a party and delivered everything to her house. I went back to her house a few more times while I worked for the store. She was a very nice woman. In her stage shows, she would introduce herself as Princess's Leia's mom. I find that very funny. :)