And now for something completely different...

No Canson Cuties tonight folks. I've got a lot of commercial work I am trying to finish up. (Meanwhile, one of my neighbors is laughing maniacally outside in her backyard. It's a bit frightening.) Gonna try to have the weekend free for some chores I have been putting off and to work on some commissions.

So today's post is the finished line art for a t-shirt design for a clothing optional 5K race in Georgia. It's called the Fig Leaf 5K. Hence the fig leaves that are strategically placed on David and Venus' private parts. With the sneakers and water bottles, they are ready to go. :) I did design the rest of the shirt, but it is mostly text and not that exciting to share here. This was completely done in Photoshop.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the official start of Spring!