The Black Queen

From the sketchbook, Jean Grey as the Black Queen. It was a strange day of miscellaneous work today: Getting files ready for a client, writing a proposal/estimate for a new client for a job (got it, btw), and meeting with another person via Skype, to discuss a potential project. While doing all that, I was sketching this on little pieces of paper, and refined it here in my sketchbook.

I have a couple of Canson Paper commissions I am working on and one of them (Black Canary) will be on black paper. Never having worked on black paper, I thought I would do a test run with a different character first. The Black Queen persona of Jean Grey fit the bill for a character with a black shiny outfit, that is not too far off from Black Canary. And if this one works out, I can put it on eBay. If it doesn't, I've learned something. I hope. :)