Jennifer Mays - The Maze Agency

I did a great deal of work for Caliber Comics back in the 90s. It was a really cool time to be in comics in that we were all having fun. I mean, we were making comics, how cool is that? I got to work on some very cool titles at Caliber. I did Negative Burn, Dominique, Dead World (trading card), Apparition, War of the Worlds, Raven Chronicles, Mister X, and The Maze Agency for Caliber.

When I heard that Caliber was talking to creator Mike Barr about publishing Maze Agency, I was immediately let my editor James Pruett know I wanted it. Luckily, Mike liked my work enough to approve of me joining him. Mike provided me with some copies of Alan Davis's design work, Adam Hughes' design work for the series and a really cool script. I was a fan of the series before so I was excited to be working on it. Mike Barr great to work with. We had a few conversations on the phone and he was always professional and provided a welcome constructive critique. Good times. It was too short a run though. The last time I talked with Mike was when IDW published a 3-issue run of Maze a few years back, to wish him and the series the best. I still think it would make an outstanding TV series. I don't know why no one has picked it up. And if Mike Barr ever calls and says lets do Maze Agency again, I will be ready.

Thanks to Steven for the Jennifer Mays commission and for taking me down memory lane.