Sketchbook Sunday

I haven't finished the Herculoids commission to a point for the next process post. And I don't want to rush it. So I thought I would share some sketchbook work.

If you thought the Canson Cuties were just slapped on the paper and ready to go, this will show you different. I treat commissions just the same as any other job in that I will do some roughs to get a feel for the character and a good pose. Also any image done on the dark Canson paper, like the Scarlet Witch image, had to be worked out tight enough in my sketchbook because I was projecting it to the final paper. I can't use my light table with the dark paper. The image doesn't show through. The Insect Queen pose was dropped in favor of the final one I auctioned. And there is even a Cloak and Dagger idea at the top that I have yet to use. Supergirl, at the top, ended up as a painted piece.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. More Herculoids tomorrow!