FX Show! - Bats and Magik!

I did this Batman headshot on 12" x 18" Charcoal paper with black and white Prismacolor and China Markers at the show. I was waiting for the sketchbook to do my Magik in and was killing time. I thought it had a bit of a Nick Cardy Batman look to it. Or maybe I'm just wishing. :)

The main event was doing Magik for Karen. We both wanted to put in the in same sketchbook that is home to the Kitty and Lockheed sketch I did for her last year at MegaCon. She seemed to genuinely like it. She even was using it to entice more people around my table to get a sketch. I might have to pay her a percentage. :)
All in all the show was busier today. I did get to wander around a bit thanks to Craig Zablo and John Beatty watching my table when I did my walkabout. Chatted with Casey Jones, Joe Pekar (who was doing some incredible watercolor paintings. Gotta get me one!) and Mike Perkins. It's funny, Casey, Mike and I go way back to our earliest work with Caliber Comics. Picked up a cool book from Stuart Immonen titled CENTIFOLIO and discovered the art of Laurie B. And best of all was chatting with all the nice folks who stopped by my table. I love meeting new people and conventions are a great place for it. More tomorrow!