500th Consecutive Post!

So I started this as a sketch a couple of days ago. Not know if it would be done by today. I had Supergirl with Streaky and he was sitting on a floating rock in space. When I was inking, I just decided to add more floating rocks. And that is how this piece came around. BUT. After I was done, I remembered I did an inked piece of Supergirl (less cartoony) in space with floating rocks. Turns out, that image was the first official post for this blog. Didn't plan it but it all comes back to Kara, doesn't it? :) This is done in mixed media on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Supergirl will be put on eBay tonight for anyone interested.

I've said before that when I started this blog on January 1, 2008, I was hoping I could post everyday for 2008. And now we have reached the 500th consecutive post since I officially kicked off this blog. If you enjoy this blog and wouldn't mind, please take a look over on the side bar and add yourself as a follower. This blog gets thousands and thousands of unique hits every month and I would love to see that follower area fill up with a bunch of people. That would be way cool! Thanks for hanging around and I hope everyone continues to drop by and find something that interests them. :)