Wonder Woman! - Canson Cutie

Today's Wonder Woman is a commission piece for Tim. This was done with ink, color pencil and white acrylic paint. Thanks again to Tim for this commission. The next commission on the list is another one for Tim as well: Red Sonja!

And speaking of commissions, I wanted to let everyone know that I am raising the price on the Canson Cutie commissions. When I started doing these I thought the time would be just a little more than doing a 50.00 sketch but I was wrong. They take a lot more time. So I am upping the price to $100.00 for the color Canson Cutie. Also, I am adding a new commission style and rate as well. If you are interested in a piece done on the gray charcoal paper with ink and white highlights, that will be $75.00. This falls in a middle ground between a inked black and white piece, and the full color Canson Cutie. I will also be doing all three types of commissions at HeroesCon this year. Should be interesting in that I have never worked in color at a show.

Have a good weekend everyone!