Emma Frost vs Ms. Marvel - Process and Finish

This was a unique commission in which the final would look like a fight poster/flyer. That involves a lot of text. Something that I was very excited to do because I knew it would enhance the final art and help with the look we were going for. I have already posted the initial sketch and have shown much by way of figure and painting process so I thought I would show the lettering process.

Below I have printed out the text I designed for the art. I had scanned my finished pencils into Photoshop and sized it to the final board dimensions. This enabled me to put the text at the right size. No guessing needed. I place the print out over the area I wanted the text to be and then slide a sheet of graphite transfer paper between the printout and the board. Tape it down so it doesn't move, and then proceed to use a pen and a ruler to "draw" each letter. You can see in the photo where I am lifting the graphite paper and the printout, the text has been transfered. I did the top and then the bottom separately.
Now that everything is on the board I can start painting. I am not worried about paint going over the letters because the graphite will not lift up. In fact, the acrylic paint seals it to the board. I am working the figures and the background back and forth. There is an atomic explosion for the background but I am not using that as a dramatic light source. Instead I am going more for a graphic look, not a literal one. And atomic light source would wash it all out. :)
Each letter was either painted and/or inked. This was a long process but in the end I think it works. Adding the name of the person commissioning this piece as the promoter of this smack-down makes the art that much more personal.
The final art is mixed media on a 15" x 20" sheet of Cresent Hot Press Watercolor Board. Thanks to Ben for this fun and challenging commission!