HeroesCon - Post Game 1

I got home this morning at 5am, after a 10 hour drive, which was after a full day at the convention. To say I am tired is putting it mildly. I managed to get into bed by 6am, but at 8:30, my dentist called to confirm my cleaning appointment for tomorrow. Well, that ruined any chance of sleeping now. After some chores and lunch with Deena, I collapsed again on the bed for a couple of hours. But I am still tired. Whew!

Above is another sketch done at HeroesCon last weekend. This was done for Kevin in his sketchbook. I will have more sketches to share starting tomorrow. Will Allred, writer of DIARY OF NIGHT, had brought his scanner and was a scanning madman. He will be sending me more images when he makes it back home.
And speaking of home, here was mine this last weekend. It was a great weekend, as HeroesCon always is every year. The staff, the guests and the attendees make the show a real pleasure. I'm already looking forward to 2010!