Today's post is a commission I finished yesterday, but it is being given as a gift and I wanted to make sure that recipient wouldn't be visiting this blog. I was assured that he/she wouldn't and I could post. But to be extra careful, I will not mention the name of the person who commissioned it. :) Before anyone else says it, yes, this is a variation of sorts of a previous Catwoman piece in that it features Catwoman stealing something. But I think enough of it is different to keep each piece unique.

It was fun going through my DIANA PRINCE: WONDER WOMAN trade paperback for the Catwoman costume as it was drawn by Dick Giordano. That story was a fun cross over teaming up Catwoman with the then powerless Wonder Woman. Though this look for Catwoman isn't one of the more popular ones, I tend to like it. :)

This was done in mixed media on an 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes Paper. And strangely this is the first Canson piece I have done since The Superman piece I did for Royce. I wonder what's up with that. :)