Gladiator & Dr. Mid-Nite

This is the last of the eight commissions for one person. And this is the redo. The original request was Gladiator, looking melancholy, holding Elektra's Sais with the Daredevil mask skewered on it. When I printed out the email with all the info, I missed the line as it flowed from one page to the next. Completely my mistake. So I offered a redo and off we went. (Just for the record, he liked the other one as well and purchased both. An "up sale" was not my intention though.) Now it's hard to show melancholy when the subject has a metal mask on so I had to rely on body language. Hopefully, the angle of looking down on him and the way his hands are holding the weapons will at least let you know this is not a battle ready pose.
Next up, Dr. Mid-Nite and his owl. I used a black Primacolor pencil for the smoke effect here. I was afraid the inking the smoke would make the good doctor blend into the background too much. Good for crime fighting, not really for a pin-up. Thanks to Leroy for the Dr. Mid-Nite commission.
Tomorrow we will have a visit from the Golden Age Hourman.