Lady Death Becomes Her

This is the line art for a piece I am painting right now. It is a pin-up I have owed somebody for a while. I would have done it and brought it to last years convention but I had to cancel. Yes, I could have done it anytime and mailed it I suppose, but that would make too much sense. Because of the long wait that was endured, I have added a whole lot more to the piece. Hopefully he will think it was worth it.

Pittsburgh ComiCon starts Friday and I have finished all of the advance sketches that I can do at home. Thanks to everyone who signed up. If you check with me when you get to the show, I will have your artwork waiting for you. If there is anyone who still wants to get on the list, this is the last chance for pieces I am doing at home. I will be able to do a few more before I leave Thursday morning. Just send me an email to let me know.