Pittsburgh Comicon - Post Show #3

These are the last four from the Pittsburgh ComiCon.

First up for Matt, Supergirl in her white t-shirt, hairband costume that was based on the animated version.
Wonder Woman was done for Steve.

Jeff requested a Superwoman from the Crime Syndicate. Don't feel to sorry for young Jimmy Olsen though, I think he is quite happy.

And finally for Lou, we have Courtney Whitmore, aka Star Girl.
There are still more sketches out there from the show that I didn't take pictures of. Maybe we can track some of them down and share them here. Here is a partial list if it helps:

-Guy Gardner for Jeff. This is the same Jeff who got the Superwoman piece.

-Death, from Vertigo, was done for Chris.

-Shadow Lass for Tony. Being a Legion fan, I kick myself for forgetting to shoot this one.

-Persuader for Adam of the Legion of Dudes podcast. Again, Legion fan. Yeesh!

-Hawkgirl for Mike.

-Gwen Stacy for Doug.

It's not much to go on, and I don't get last names most of the time. And for those that I did, I wouldn't post them. But if anyone sees these pieces by me on some forum, let me know and we will try to get them here too.

Thanks again to everyone who dropped by my table to chat, have a few laughs and keep me company. And thanks to everyone who purchased sketches, artwork from my portfolio, prints and my sketchbook. All of you made the weekend great!