Princess Leia - Alderaan Ale Girl

While some of you are still recovering from Christmas, and others are standing in line somewhere attempting to return a gift or two, I am back to work. Lot's to do in the next 6 weeks. Gonna get bumpy so buckle up.

But right now I am happy that I get to share a commission that was done for a gift. One of my favorite tech journalist/author/comic fan, Andy Ihnatko, commissioned this for a friend who is both into microbrew beer and Slave Leia. Nice combo, I thought. Andy suggested "Slave Leia as a cute/sexy barmaid". I ran with that idea to create Leia as the Alderaan Ale version of a St. Paulie Girl. You probably can't read the details on the labels but it does state that this is a limited run and there is a "Our Story" on the back depicting the Death Star wiping out the Alderaan Ale microbrewery. Oh, and the rest of the planet as well.

Thanks again to Andy for the commission. I hope it was well received.

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