Zatara The Magician!

According to the 1976 DC SUPER CALENDAR, today is Zatara's birthday! We have no idea how old he is though. I don't think his daughter Zatanna even knows. But we will all wish him a Happy Birthday anyway. Or he will turn us all into toads. This piece was done on a 9" x 12" sheet of gray Canson paper.

I am at full speed on commissions right now. I have a really cool inked one featuring Star Brand and Jack of Hearts I am finishing up. About 90% done with the inks. I will be moving on to a Judomaster and others.

MegaCon starts Friday and I am still taking requests for the Advance Sketchlist. I already have some really cool requests. A few inked pieces and a couple of Canson Cuties! Contact me at if you are going to be at MegaCon and would like to get on the list.

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