Sketchbook Wednesday - Slow Night

Maybe it's just me and my wishful thinking for a slow night. I'm still working and hoping to get done with the project I am working on by noon tomorrow. It's looking like it will happen.

Then I will have to start figuring out what to bring to the Pittsburgh ComiCon. Gotta put together references, supplies, original art, etc. A nice thing is I might get to the show quicker than I had thought. I am renting a car instead of taking the shuttle. The car rental is about 40% less than the round trip shuttle and best of all I don't have to sit in a van with others that will be dropped off before me. Last time I took the shuttle it took almost two hours to get from the airport to the hotel.

Okay, back to work for me. I want to put in another 3 hours before I crash.

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