Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange was Travis' (doughnut42) suggestion. The good doctor has such a hard, angular look, the opposite of how I normally draw, so this was fun to do. Thanks for the suggestion Travis.

We are closing in on HeroesCon. Two weeks from today folks. The guest list is so incredible I am wondering where everyone is going to fit in the hall. I am really looking forward to this show. My sketch list is still open for a few more requests. Contact me at gene_gonzales@mac.com if you are going to be at the show and are interested in a sketch. I'm so anxious for the show I have started pencils on a couple of the sketches from my advance list. :)

For those wondering, yes, I will be bringing all of the head shots I have been doing for the past few days to HeroesCon. And they will be for sale.

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