Magneto - Essendon Bombers

I completely forgot to share this commission that I completed at the beginning of May. This was commissioned by Alex as a prize for a winner in his Football Tipping Competition. This is Aussie rules football, folks. As I understand it, Alex runs this competition on a forum where other people pick a team to follow. The aim of tipping is to get all the eight winners for each week of football games. There are prizes for last place and first place (cumulative scores) for the year 24 rounds of games. If someone picks eight, then they go into the prize hat to be picked for a prize for the week. The prizes are either a care package of Aussie goodies and football paraphernalia or a piece of art with a footy slant.

The person that won had picked the Essendon Bombers and is an X-Men fan. He submitted a list of characters he liked and Alex pulled Magneto from the list. He then asked me to do this piece of art for the winner. Magneto is wearing the Bombers jersey and that is a Aussie football that he is manipulating. (There must be something in the ball that Magneto can use his powers on). Thanks for the commission Alex. And I hope the winner liked his prize.

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