Sketchbook Tuesday - Manhunter

While searching searching for some of the Dalgoda books that I know are still somewhere in the garage, I came across some books that didn't get sold off with the rest of my collection. The only reason why they didn't get sold off is they didn't fit in my Xterra. :) I may revisit these characters here just for fun, much like I did yesterday with the Dalgoda sketches. Today we have Manhunter. I remember picking up the copies of Detective Comics at the newsstand that the Manhunter back up series first appeared in. I thought it was pretty cool, but when he teamed up with Batman in the final story, that really was great! I won't spoil the ending of a comic run that is over 30 years old, but I will say if you come across any of the collections, check it out. Manhunter was created by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson and was based off the golden age character by the same name.

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