Stormy Weather - Commissions

I just finished the second of these two commissions and got the "okay" to share here. Joe has had me do color sketches inside various hardcover comic collections before and I have shared them here in the past. Well, here are two new ones. I took digital photos of these because I didn't want to damage the spine of the books trying to force them down on my scanner. I also believe this is the first time I have drawn across the spine, making the image bigger. I hope Joe doesn't mind!

First up is a leather clad Storm drawn in the X-MEN MUTANT MASSACRE hard cover collection.

Then we have the hammer wielding Storm from the X-MEN THE ASGARDIAN WARS hardcover collection.

Though these both have colored paper to work on in the inside covers, they are not art papers, so sometimes working on them can be tricky. They have almost no texture and they want to suck up certain inks. So if the paper is too dark, it's hard to get a black line. But after doing several of these I have learned a few tricks and I think these came out pretty nice. Thanks again to Joe for these commissions and the permission to share them here.

Both images were done in mixed media including color pencil, black ink, white ink and white fluid acrylics.

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