The Metal Men

I've had the Metal Men on my mind since HeroesCon. Joe Pekar and I had a discussion about the characters on the way back from the convention. I know, pretty exciting stuff. We both have our own thoughts about how they have been presented and how we both think they should be presented. Our views weren't too far off from each others, but for this piece I stayed close to the original source. With my own twist of course. The line art was done in ink in my sketchbook while sitting at the orthodontist office this evening and the color was done in Photoshop.

Today was one of those Days from Hell. Internet problems were the pain in my backside today. In an attempt of process of elimination I purchased a new router, hoping that was the cause of the connection being dropped. The router was almost 4 years old and passed it's lifespan, as I understand it. But then the new router caused it's own issues that would mimic the original problem. So the only help was the Linksys Chat Line for support. Yeah, Chat Line on sporadic internet connection. See the problem? Though the three different people were helpful when I could chat with them, ultimately it came down to them calling me and helping me load the new firmware for the router. The firmware just came out last week. So far the router seems to be doing it's part. Tomorrow the modem will be replaced, lines outside checked again, and hopefully there won't be anymore hiccups. Productivity today: About 10% of what it should have been. Oh yeah, and it was tax day. Sigh.

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