Sketchbook Friday

Artwork © Gene Gonzales

This has been a good day. I had a conference call with a client to review my first pass at the art and it went extremely well. It helps that I am working with a great group of people. Good energy and a clear vision had been established. That makes my part of the job fun and productive. I still have about 10 pieces of art to finish by Tuesday for the grammar text book I am working on but I feel a great deal of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Knocking out a couple of deadlines within a 24 hour period will do that.

In other news, Dakota and I met with the Chief of Fire and Rescue here in Largo to set up Dakota's career shadowing. Next friday she will be doing a 12 hour shift at the busiest Fire House here in Largo. She will mostly be shadowing the paramedics, but will still be riding in the various vehicles, going out on calls. All part of the Excel program at her high school. She is pretty excited about it.

Grammar text book art tomorrow, commissions on Sunday. Same Bat-Channel. Same Bat-Time!

Have a good weekend!

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