Sketchbook Tuesday - Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise © Associated Newspaper/Atlantic Syndication

I should start up a new tag for my blog posts: Telephone call sketches. I have started reading the first volume of Modesty Blaise newspaper strips. I just started but I am enjoying it. Probably why I started sketching this, my version of Miss Blaise, while I was on a call. :)

I finished the first round of drawings for another grammar book, the student copy, and feel pretty good about it. This is the second book in the series that I have worked on in the last couple of months. I'm hoping to be involved with the rest of the series. A different, and rather large project is moving along nicely. Tomorrow I will be devoting the whole day to it. Probably the rest of the week, unless something distracts me.

I finished transferring my sketchbook drawing of Royce's next commission piece to bristol board today. Now I just need to tighten it up and start inking. Should be done by the end of the week. Then I move on to a two character commission that will be wacky fun. :)

I uploaded over 115 images to my site, also known as my comic art/pin-up related site. Everything I put up is on my blog posts for the last 10 months, but now they are in galleries and easier to view. I had now idea I had that much material to work with. And actually I didn't even get into the work that is mine, as opposed to super-hero art. Another jaw dropping moment was when I found out I have done more than 40 of the gray Canson Paper Portraits. That is just amazing. And I'm still sitting on a lot of them. :) Anyway, take a glance over there if you can't find anything else to look at on the internet. :)

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