Tyroc - Canson Portrait

Tyroc © DC Comics

Tyroc was the first black Legionnaire. Shadow Lass was supposed to be the first, but editorial got cold feet. It was some years later that Tyroc hit the scene with a really lame excuse as to why you never saw anyone who was black in the 30th Century. Something I had never thought of at the time, but afterward wondered where are the hispanic and Native Americans. Actually, I don't think "Native Americans" was the term back then. Dawnstar would come later to represent the Native Americans of the 30th century. And a similar excuse for why there were no Native Americans seen in the 30th Century prior to her arrival. Something I hadn't thought about until now. I think Tyroc's second appearance, where he joined the Legion, also marked the first appearance of the character now called Earthman in the latest Legion comics. Someone might correct me on that though.

Tyroc could scream/yell and the sound would do a very wide variety of things. Almost anything that was needed for the story. He was a character that had some potential but didn't seem to get his time to shine. Maybe it was the outfit. :) I have seen some of the new Legion comics and I noticed they have Tyroc in them and he seems pretty cool. He's powers seem to have been refined and he got rid of the chains and high collar. Good for him! But for this piece, I went back to the time he first appeared. I hope I haven't embarrassed him. :)

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