More Tiki Sketches

Artwork © 2010 Gene Gonzales

Just a few more sketches from my sketchbook today.

Full day of commercial work, and I finished a commission today. It's a gift so I have to hold off posting until Sunday. That was the last commission on my list.

It was also a shopping day. I ordered a bunch of books and bought a couple of Bob Oksner Mary Marvel pages from DC's SHAZAM title of the 1970s. I am really on a big Oksner kick lately. I was planing to get a Bob Oksner SOOZIE sunday original, but the Mary pages showed up and I had to have them. And one of them has Tawky Tawny on it!!! How could I not get them? Guess I will have to start saving up for that sunday page. I know, I have a problem. :)

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