HeroesCon 2011 - Post Con 2

More pieces from HeroesCon today. I think we will have one more day of these posts as some art is trickling in.

First up is a Julie Newmar Catwoman for Anthony!

Catwoman © DC Comics

Second is old shellhead himself, Iron Man. This was for Joseph.

Iron Man © Marvel Entertainment

And last but not least, this was a surprise request. Bill commissioned a geisha swordswoman for himself at HeroesCon and when his friend Gloria saw it on my blog, she contacted me to do a second one as a gift for Bill. Oh, Gloria is in the Philippines. That makes it the longest distance request for my HeroesCon sketch list. To say that Bill was surprised to pick this one up would be an understatement. He never saw it coming. :)

Artwork © 2011 Gene Gonzales

Thanks to Anthony, Joseph and Gloria for this batch of commissions. More tomorrow!

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