Mandy & Skoots - Conventionless Convention Sketch

Mandy & Skoots © Dean Yeagle

Here is John's request for his Conventionless Convention Sketch. John had asked me to do a Mandy pin-up at HeroesCon but I ran out of convention. Thankfully he is patient and got in on this run of commissions. I'm glad I got the chance to do this piece at home. I am a huge fan of Dean Yeagle and his art. I've never met Mr. Yeagle, but we have exchanged emails over the years. Being such a fan I feel a bit intimidated drawing his girl and her pup. Having the time to focus on it in the studio made it a little easier though. Only a little. :)

To see more of Mr. Yeagle's work visit his website at

I will be posting a video of the inking of this piece later this evening.

Thanks John!

This is ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board.

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