Supergirl - Digital Sketchbook

Supergirl © DC Comics
Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

Supergirl is the theme over on the 2-Point Perspective Blog I share with Joe Pekar. I had finished my Supergirl art yesterday, early for a change. Since I never get tired of drawing Kara, I started roughing this out in Photoshop after I quit working yesterday. I have no plans to finish this piece. This was just a digital sketchbook type of exercise. I plan most of my work digitally. Much easier to make corrections and try different things. If I am going to finish a piece traditionally, I print it out and light table the image onto the final board. It's a clean way to work.

For this post, I left the structure layer visible. It's a scribble mess but it's always fun to see how it all fits. There isn't much of the structure work in the face though, somehow I nailed that in the rough and just refined it a bit. :)

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