Death. London, 1968

Death © DC Entertainment

After setting aside yesterday's post, I came back to it and realized I have done a version of the pose of Death before. Arrggg! Bound to happen. So here is my new approach. This is the finished line art for this blog and I will be adding color for the 2-Point Perspective blog. I've always like the idea that Death would fit into whatever time period she is in. And Death dressed in mod fashion in London is just too cool. Psychedelic colors to come.

I have gotten a few emails about sketches since I announced I am not going to be in Pittsburgh. Which made me think that maybe in the next week or so (when I am caught up on some stuff) doing a Conventionless Convention Sketch deal. Any interest out there?

This is ink on 9" x 12" Strathmore Bristol Board.

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