Managed to squeeze in a page of inks today on PERILS ON PLANET X. Our hero, Donovan Hawke is having a conversation with Aeon, his teacher/guide on this strange world. The area they are in are the docks. A section in the lower levels of the floating city of Nymbis Freehold

For this scene I wanted to establish they are in the air by showing the ground below. Our foreground are the tubes and pipes, our middle ground Hawke and the dock area and our extreme background is the terrain below. If this was a black and white book I would have done more to establish the depth here in the inks. Since the book will be in color, the only thing I did was vary the line thickness (line art is thicker in the foreground and get thinner as things are farther away) and will leave notes for the colorist to punch it up with color. Because I have worked on so many black and white books, I tend to try to do everything in ink, I have to remind myself to let the colorist handle some of it as well. Especially if it will make it look better. In a book like this, with a scene in the bright day,  the colorist can bring a lot to the page. I just have to get out of the way. :)