Conventionless, Convention Sketches - The Sequel

After looking over my September schedule I found I have room for more sketch requests. The last time went so well and I had such a good time doing them. The variety of requests were great and it seems everyone was happy with their artwork. So here we go again. The only difference this time I am offering the sketches here first instead of listing it on eBay. Here is the official description for the sketches:

CONVENTIONLESS, CONVENTION SKETCHES: I am taking 20 requests for sketches for the month of September. The price is $50.00 (plus shipping, insurance, etc.) for a single character/no background, inked on 11" x 17" Bristol Board. See above art for examples. You may have to supply references if I am not familiar with the character(s) you are requesting.

Artwork will be shipped out every Friday and all artwork will be completed by September 30. When your request is completed, I will email the image to you and post it to this blog. Please add the following for shipping and insurance costs: 10.00/one request, $15.00/2-3 requests, $20.00/4 requests. PayPal and personal checks will be accepted. Checks will have to clear my bank before artwork is started. My PayPal account is If you have any questions please contact me before you send any money. Thanks!