Get Us Out From Under, Wonder Woman!

Above is the finished Wonder Woman pin-up I am donating to Wonder Woman Day 3. This was finished in watercolor. Gotta pack it up and ship it out tomorrow!
And here we have the next Legion Couples painting from 2000 featuring Ultra-Boy (Jo-Nah) and Phantom Girl(Tinya Wazzo). Of all the Legion couples, these two seemed to have a "real" relationship. I can't figure out why. I guess because the two of them would love and fight with each other but when the chips were down, they would always be there for the other. Even if it meant going against the rest of the Legion. They just seemed "real". For each of the pieces I did a monochromatic background depicting Legion related history. This piece features a scene from Ultra-Boy's origin. Jo-Nah (Jonah) and his space ship was swallowed by space creature (whale). But he was saved when a Science Police cruiser blasted the creature open. Somehow Jo gained his ultra powers from the creature. I kid you not. :)