I had taken the same approach to this piece as I have with some other recent pin-ups, using a single line weight. But it didn't look right. So I mixed things up a bit. I used the fattest Micron pen, (1) and tried to treat it like a brush. The toughest part was doing the lighter line weight because it does not have a fine tip but the more I used it the more comfortable I became with it. Batgirl was outlined with it and her rope was drawn with it. I also used it to increase the up shadows around her belt. I did end up pulling out a brush for the solid black areas and for some feathering. Microns were used for the cross hatching on the roof top. All in all it was a fun mash up to do. This is ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board.

Since I shared all my Halloween images before Halloween, I've got nothing to say other than Happy Halloween! The Halloween images I have available for prints on will be removed tomorrow afternoon. So if you have a need for a Halloween print from me, now is the time to get it. :) Have a safe and fun Trick or Treating everyone!