Black Widow - dismount

Okay, everyone's got to be sick of this image by now, but it is finally finished.

As to the process, it was really a building up of layers of color to get it where I wanted it. Then using water, a clean brush and a paper towel, I picked out the highlights on her hair, skin and suit. With a little bit of water on a brush, I dab the area I want to lift the paint from. Going back over the same area until I get the amount of highlight I want. In the hair is was only a little bit of color picked up, with the sleek body suit, I scrubbed until I got back down to the paper in some places. Then I used a little bit of white Prismacolor in a few areas too. This was done in ink and watercolor on 12" x 18" Strathmore 140# 400 series watercolor paper.