Candy Cane Girl

Another Chrismas cutie today. On the left is a scan of the original painting. Watercolor and some color pencil on 10" x 15" Canson Cold Press Watercolor paper. On the right is the finished version I did for my next CILM release. The background is done digitally and can easily be removed from the foreground. Something that is very important for signature groups that buy the images.
And today's Legion couple is Timber Wolf (Brin Londo) and Light Lass (Ayla Ranzz) They had been a couple since Brins first appearance in the Legion, back when he was called Lone Wolf. But he didn't become a member until years later. Dave Cockrum designed Wolf's look here. And it was before Wolverine. This version of both characters is my favorite.

Lastly, I have a couple of original color pieces on eBay right now. Check them out here.