From the ashes

Very productive day. Got done with the important things I didn't do yesterday. So that means two more sketches that can't be seen here are finished and a few other things are done that I mentioned yesterday. So while waiting for my lunch to cool down I did the above piece for fun. I penciled the figure, scanned her, colored her and the background, then cheated and used a photo of a flame for the extreme background. Once I did some color adjustments the subtle stuff I did disappeared and the flames took over. Ah well, it was just for fun anyway.
Today's Legion Couple is Dream Girl (Nura Nal) and Star Boy (Thom Kallor). Star Boy started off as a Superboy/Mon-El type hero with superpowers much like theirs. But then some writer or editor decided he needed to be a bit different I guess and he developed the ability to temporarily increase the mass of people and objects. Dream Girl could see the future. Not accurately, mind you. Her main ability seemed to be the power to turn men's heads. In later years we learned she was incredibly smart, a skilled leader and fighter and not one to mess with.