North Pole Dancer (rough)

Goofing off today. Yesterday was a full day of Lab work and more work when I got home. I am just a bit tired today and don't feel like doing much. But I did rough out the next Christmas Cutie. This was done on 11" x 17" copy paper using color pencils. I call it a rough but it is a pretty tight drawing. I will light table this image right on to the watercolor paper. Because using an eraser damages the tooth of the watercolor paper, I want the initial drawing tight enough to avoid erasing when I transfer.
And today's Legion Couple is none other than Superboy (Clark Kent/Kal-El) and the Insect Queen (Lana Lang). Lana is a Legion Reservist. She couldn't become a full member because her ability to change into various insects comes from her Bio Ring. A gift from an alien she helped. Lana did join in on a couple of Legion adventures and also became the Insect Queen in Smallville from time to time. Superboy, well, we all know who the real Superboy is. Raised by the kindly Kents in Smallville. Had adventures as SuperBaby and grew up to be Superman, as drawn by Curt Swan. :)

The background is 1950s Smallville at the bottom and 30th century Metropolis at the top. You can even see the Legion Headquarters on the right, just under Lana's arm. The blending of the two is because 30th century Metropolis has expanded to include what was known as Smallville. The art is ink, watercolor and gouache on 11" x 17" illustration board.