This is the last pin-up of the third Conventionless Convention Sketch sale. And this is the third member of Josie and the Pussycats that I have done for Gary. All with a beach theme. Thanks again Gary! This ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board.

I still have two more from the second Sketch sale to do in the next few days and I will post them when they are done.

I've had a few folks ask if I am doing another Conventionless Convention Sketch anytime soon. I don't see doing another for a while. I've gotten pretty booked up with work and the holidays are coming. I am taking commissions but only one a month right now. These are pricier than the sketches. I also can do color. Right now I have a painting on my list for October. Nothing after that. I don't have a price list. I price them based on the request. If anyone is interested in this, drop me an email. I will post if any other months fill up.