Dejah Thoris - Princess of Mars revisted

I haven't drawn Dejah in a while, so here she is. I just reached in the flat files and pulled this paper out and went with it. It's fun mixing it up. This was done on a 12.75" x 18" Canson Paper. I would say the paper color is warm gray, but my scanner had a heck of a time matching it. I had to mess around in Photoshop to get it close to the original. I used Microns, Pitt Brushes and a Winsor & Newton Series 7 #2 brush with Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink. Like I said, mix it up.

Today was a full day at the Labs. I did more art for this event than any other. About 2-3 times as much. It went really well, but I was exhausted. But I still made time for Dejah this evening. I will probably put her up on eBay in the next day or two, for anyone interested.