Flight Jacket - Digital Sketch

I was about to post the final image but then thought everyone might like to see the process of doing this sketch. Because I do each step in different layers it was easy to put this together. I had the pose in mind already. I roughed out the pose on the first layer, trying to get the gesture down.

As I moved to the second layer, I realized her breast were too large. So a bit of reduction and refining and I have her body pretty close to how I want her. I have also roughed in the clothes.
When I moved to the next layer to refine even further (middle image) I realized her head was too big. Using pencil on paper, this would have been a pain. But this is an easy fix since I am working digitally. I use the lasso tool to select her head and neck and reduce them by 8%. That looks about right, so I then have to add a few lines and erase a few lines to get the head to match up with the body. Pretty quick fix.

The fourth image requires a few more color adjustments. For the final image, I turn off the first three layers (the sketchy lines) so they cannot be seen, clean up any over painted areas and add a background color and texture. 40 minutes total. This piece would require quite a bit more work to make it a finished piece.