Sketchbook Friday and The Award goes to...

I bought a new sketchbook. That may not mean much to anyone other than a person who has ever filled one. It's kind of exciting to open to the first page and start drawing. And so I am working on an idea for a New Year/full year of posting celebratory image. The sketches above reflect some of the ideas I am playing with. I have one particular idea for the background but haven't decided on the foreground. I've got 5 days to get it together. Clock is ticking.

Tooting My Own Horn Section!

I received an email at 4:08am est from Michael Rankins. In addition to posting a comment or dozen here on my blog, more importantly Michael has his own blog. Michael covers a wide range of topics as well as showcasing artwork he has collected and/or commissioned. The email I received from him this morning was to inform me that I have been selected as Comic Art Friday Artist Of The Year For 2008! An amazing honor for me. Especially when you look at all the incredible art Michael has posted this year from some great artists. This was an incredibly cool surprise. Check out Michael's blog, Swanshadow Thinks Out Loud, for the whole announcement. Me? I just going to sit here and enjoy the moment. :) Thanks Michael!