Year End Roughs

So I am going with a Saturday Evening Post concept. Not terribly original but I was looking at some New Years Baby covers for the magazine done by J.C. Leyendecker and thought, why not a News Years Babe cover. :) So here are my five roughs for the image.

A: (above) Dark haired beauty, with champagne flute. 1950s style chair. Sexy/quiet celebration. 
B: Cartoony. Sexy cutie riding a champagne cork. Bubbles and champagne exploding around her.
C: 1950s bedtime shot but with laptop. Elvgren inspired. Nighty much like the ones in his paintings. Kitty sleeping. The laptop probably ties in better to the blog.
D: Cutie sitting on bed with sleeping cat. Laptop in front of her, laughing about something Royce posted in the comments.
E: Cutie looking up from cushion on floor where she is using her laptop to visit the blog. Again, night time idea. Mostly because I would tend to post in the evening. This one has pj shorts and pj tank top on.

So those are my final five ideas. I have to decide on which one goes to final art by tomorrow. There will probably be changes in the one I decide on but for the most part the concept is there. All of this ideas were done with blue Col-Erase pencil in my sketchbook.