Phantom Lady - commission process 5

Quick post today. Finished the inks for this piece. The background on the other side of the paddy wagon were left in pencil (they are not showing up very well in this scan) because I will just use color to define the edges of the buildings. This is ready to start painting tomorrow.
Strathmore has produced Artist Trading Cards and on my last trip to the art store I picked some different packages up for fun. I got a pack of watercolor, bristol and acrylic linen canvas. These are just cut down versions (2.5 " x 3.5") of some of their popular boards at a premium cost. But Dakota and I thought it would be fun to try some. This my first piece, Supergirl in her 1970s costume, of course. This was done with ink and fluid acrylics on the bristol board card.
After posting todays images I have to shut down and set up my new Drobo back-up system. Gone with be my two old external hard drives that have been the work horses of my business, and in will be my Drobo with two 1TB hard drives, with two bays for two more drives. I figured 2TB was a good starting point. This little data robot came with a high recommendation from people whose opinions I trust so I am really looking forward to getting it set up and taking the worry out of my back up regimen. Wish me luck!