Phantom Lady: Wet & Wild - Inking

Here is the finished pencils on a sheet of 11" x 17"  Crescent Hot Press Watercolor Board. I projected the line art from my sketchbook on to the board and traced my lines. The darker lines are where I have started inking. As you may notice there was a slight change in her legs in that I made them a bit longer and moved them apart. She was looking too ditzy the way I had her legs before. She needed to have a stance of being confused, frustrated and disgusted, but her body language was saying "ditzy". So a bit of a change and there you go. At this point with the inks I am paying special attention to where the drops of water are gathering on her skin and dripping off. I want the outline of her body and the water on her to make the contours. When I go to the color stage it will make more sense. I will finish the inks tomorrow.